Tuesday, October 30, 2012

letting go

I’ve been in my current environment for nearly 10yrs.

I don’t hate my job but I’m uncomfortable with my boss

My dynamics with him is not so good,

he can be a good person to talk to

but as a boss, I dread going to work..

And that’s bad.


Recently, I found a new job and I talked to him abt it.

My boss is ok to let me go.



All my bags are packed,

I’m ready to go..

Saturday, December 10, 2011

New watch

got this new watch for me...
well, for her. :-)
came in cool orange ...
its call the timex tap..
made specially for marathon runners...

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Sunday, November 13, 2011


It's a bit surreal watching a childhood cartoon of mine being rebooted and then watching it together with the boys.

Patrick got friends

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Friday, September 30, 2011

big boys toys part3 : voltron

voltron : defender of the universe
5 lions that join to become 1 super robot.
need i say more?'

the new nicktoons version of the lions look so much better as well
much more edgier and ferocious looking
voltron looks more well built and "lean" rather than 'clunky' in the old version

this is yet to be released though.
if it costs too much i'll just admire from a far..

Monday, September 26, 2011

big boys toys part2 : robotech cyclone

#2 is actually from another old cartoon, robotech.
from the 3rd in the series, mospeada.

a motorbike that joins with the rider to form a "mech battle armor suit"
its in my list solely because the bike and rider looks so cool.

there is also a veritech fighter jet that transforms into a robot, but that's like transformers.

i hv never seen this before in the country.
by the way, the top of the line ones are pretty pricey... seriously....  jeez....

Robotech Cyclone Masterpiece - Scott Bernard VR-052F Vol.1 MIB NEW 

i guess thats why its called "masterpiece"

big boys toys part1 : rodimus

ever since i saw "transformers the animated movie" in the1980s, i've always wanted this.
transformers G1 hotrod/rodimus.
a hot rod that transforms into a robot.
how cool is that?

anyway, luckily i waited , this model looks much better looking than the original ones made in the 80s or 90s.
much sleeker and true to the movie.

the boys hv already seen it but have not really asked for this yet but i've demo the transformation to them once already.
sooner or later it'll end up with them..
later then...

reclaiming my childhood or just big boys toys?

ever since i was a child there were a few things that i wanted to hv.
toys were expensive those days and also you really couldnt get things in toys stores..
also, i dont think my dad would hv spent $100 on a toy when expenses were tight.
i played with a passed down set legos a lot.

there's whole bunch of stuff on my list but i've narrowed it down to 3 that i think are pretty cool.
all are based on "cool factor"
some i only found on ebay as i've never seen them in toy stores here before.

but firstly, let me re-reiterate that i'm a simple man... i don't buy stuff that cost more than $100 of my local currency.
would you buy a USD250 piece of plastic that would just collect dust or let your kid manhandle and eventually break?
i think not..!!!
i buy the USD25 one that is on sale :-) and safeguard it in my study room.

the angry bird plushie lasted less than 48 hours before the sound box got damaged.
also, i already bought lots of legos, transformers and dragons for the kids so their childhood shud be safe. 
if they complain, i'll show them the pictures...

anyway, the next 3 post will reveal my top3 them.


after nearly 6days isolated in hospital and at home and with no wheels..
we already predicted da would want to go here and try this luck.
true enough, pitstop here before lunch.

destiny before food... ??!!??


After the patience testing hospital and police station... we went to search for our lunch.

Lunch with dad is easy .
He eats exactly the same thing as me.
Wan tan mee.

He belanja me somemore.. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Social animal

My dad and mum hv the same traits..
They are not islands.

They have a need to talk to people.
Dad is talking to everyone near him and I already found out one old uncle 2 beds away " kena sembelih "

Me? I just shut down and retreat into my shell.

If I'm in pain and in a strange place, please don't bug me.


We need to expand our magnet wall really soon .
Getting a bit crowded.

Early for me too

Cool punisher tee..

Early x

Xmas comes early this year courtesy of the boys godma. Dragons and birds...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ride of terror

I have not ridden a motorbike in many many years.

Today I had to ride dads bike to the repair shop after his accident.

2 words: freaking scary.

While riding, 3 words: I'm gonna die..
And it was a less than 1km journey,   but it was thru a jammed packed area at lunch time.

I'm not built for riding bikes anymore.

Truly bloody day...

I'm not made to deal with blood.
Too much blood today, especially in the Er.
Getting light headed.
Not good.

Waiting game

The general hospital treats fast but now we hv to wait our turn for a operation slot.
Dad was in around 1pm. The operation "could" be around midnight tonight.
I hope.

Force is a bitch

" f =ma " is a bitch when you're on the receiving end of an accident.

Dad's bike got knocked in the back and he fell off his bike he landed on his left hand.
Left ring and middle finger broken.
Nothing hit his hand.. just the force of the impact of his fingers on the tar road.

It looked real gross when he was wriggling it around for us.
I had to excuse myself . I don't do so well with blood.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2 seasons

we actually finished 2 seasons of the popular comedy modern family.
not an easy feat i must say.
thats a total of nearly 44 episodes.
that takes commitment.
but it was easy since every single episode was quite enjoyable
the show is also very reflective our our everyday lives, albeit with a bit more drama and a bit more exaggeration.
but its a fun show.
season 3, where art thou????
Sept 21st 2011

Roll out.....

We've actually accumulated a collection of transformers toys over the years.
All legends class, mind you .

The 1st one I bought at a 7-11 across the hospital when #1 was first warded.
And the rest collected across hospital stays or rewards for them.
Some i got pretty cheap from eBay.

The last 2 I got for them from Spore for abandoning them since they were strongly voicing objections abt me leaving them behind.

Optimus animated version
Optimus movie version
Ironhide movie version

The one that is the most nicely built/engineered is jazz. Easy to transform and looks true to form.

Waiting game

It's always the experience I say..

We went it the floating bookstore and we were queing with s literal mob for 40min. We then spent about 45min looking at books. Then another 50min trying to get out of the ship and waiting for the pouring rain to stop.

we went up the hill, well, actually to sit on the new super fast train.
We queued nearly 30min to get up the hill and another 30min to get down.
To add to that I was parked nearly 800m away from the train station.
The boys did not appreciate the view, just the train and the cool buggy ride.

So actual experience time was actually much less than the travel time.
but i dont think they care. 
as long as the boys are happy.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy feet

Got new sandals and shoes.

Actually, the shoes or loafers are new but the new sandals I got is the same design as my old pair.
I was reluctant but no new designs and these were comfortable, so I  just went with it .

Both cost $376 altogether.
Comfort comes with a price.

Last minute

8am, Thursday morning.
I'm at the stationery store looking for glass paper and wire for #1's art school project, which he needs to bring to school today.
His mother spend 30minutes locating the items from home this morning.

Need him to be more responsible.

I hope he appreciates how we always scramble for him.

Pls boy, if ever you're reading this in the future, pls remember how much time we spend for you .

Monday, August 22, 2011

sgtcc 2011 shots


stgcc 2011

i went.

i saw.

i bought.

i ate.

i'm back.


if i had to sum it up in a word : "anime"


anime overload actually.

ok, there were lots of people dressed in costumes


there were just lots and lots and lots of young kids dressed up as japanese anime characters.

only 5% was really marvel /dc comic based costumes

i saw 2 catwomen, 3 iron men, 1 war machine, 1 indy jones, i spidey and 1 red skull

and that was it.



luckily, there was a legion of stromtroopers, the 501st, vaders fist.

bobafett, artoo and vader was there too with a few jedi/sith.


the place was pretty small, we walked it in 3 hours.

a lot of comic and toy retailers.

so if you want to buy lots of comics and toys, you're in paradise.

we wanted to buy comics but we're too out of touch.

do not recognise the teams, characters or artists.

everything seemed to hv rebooted.


it was an interesting experience though but i dont think i'll be back here for "this"

san diego comicon anyone?

we need a family trip :-)

Stranger in a stranger land

The people here seem so polite. So strange.

Saw a very nicely dressed lady cab limo driver who wore heels. Her cab was too expensive anyway.

Our own cab driver was very polite as well. He actually drove from our instructions and never argued.
Also so many expatriates here.
Mainland Chinese, angmohs, Japanese, Indonesians and us.
i think the expat population is already outnumbering the locals.
singapore united nations football team is a good example.
And the folks here are mostly either middle class, upper class or just plain filthy rich .
Saw so many ferrari's already.
if you ask me,  its actually the simple things that make a difference:
Clean roads,
no trash,
nicely maintained buses, trains, taxis & apartments.
lots of information everywhere.
good transportation system.
concerts, plays, cultural entertainment.
they're not so much different. just a different culture.
sure, parking is expensive, cars are expensive, houses are a bomb but i think the other things compensate.
do they not? i wonder if they are happier or sadder than us? pretty sure they're happier in some ways.
and "big brother" is always watching and tracking you :-)
he knows where you go or park or even if your car gets stolen.
he "protects".
oh yea,
there a proven theory that ALL Sg drivers almost always do reverse parking
but for us, our cars go nose in.
You can literally see it in all the car parks.


The house I'm staying in is in a gated community. Think around 30 units.
clustered bungalow.
Very exclusive place in a nice quiet neighbourhood.

The concept is very nifty and nicely executed.
Its a cool 4 level hse with basement carpark and shared infinity pool. And it has a freakin lift.
It's supposedly 5million. 13 thousand rental a month.

And this area that it's in is sort off like "jesselton" and houses here are 10 to 20mil. Wow...
Talk abt crazy prices.

The number #1 problem about moving here will be housing, followed by transport.

I think it would still be an interesting place to settle in.
Given the right pay ...

Boys n toys....

It's cool when you hv 3 guys over 36 , eating hotdogs, sipping coffee, munching on eclairs and pie and talking about comics movies tv and books.
A bit surreal.
And lots of fun.

Gifts for all and my meager haul...

Got her some really cool green tea chocolates and a bar of rum and raisins.
Got the kids some transformers, bounty and twix..
well, the bounty&twix is for me too...
i managed to get a free comic and some free button badges.
the only thing i bought was the sdcc2010 captain america.
looked nice .
not sure if i'll let the boys play with it yet though.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Go dark...

I'm literally off the grid the last 48hrs.
My phone can hardly connect to any cell lines.
And theres no free WiFi.


1st beer in a very long long time..

Definitely Carlsberg....

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Flight was 60mins. Lucky I had my ebook to read on my phone . Managed to finish a chapter on tyrion.

Also, I now remember why I hate to fly. Headaches. Lucky I didn't throw up.

Hate planes . Especially the smaller type planes ... too steep angles during flight.

I hv 3 trips to Oregon and 1 to Ireland in 2012.
I think I'm definitely going to skip a few .

And so it begins...

My trip to the convention with my old pal .. we started with half boiled eggs and toast ..

Then he asked me ' so what Crap do you want to eat ? '
Music to my ears.. so far its pork ribs, knuckles and hot chocolates .

And nice to hv a long conversation with him. We haven't talked I'm ages .

Surprisingly, the mobile check-in was super smooth and fast.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Attack ?

Today I thought I was having a heart attack.
I had some of the symptoms. Slight pain on arm and midriff ,  discomfort , dizzy ..
Add that to the stress at work & home..
and plus my irregular and crappy meals at the office.
Quite scary.

I was actually in denial but I read online that that's a possible sign as well.
I had my doubts .
I was reluctant to get it checked out. I finally relented and went to the clinic .
Better to over react than die a sudden death. Right ?

I did not want to die .

Turned out to be indigestion. And bad sleeping posture .
Thank god for that.

What went thru my mind in those panicked moments when I thought I was going to die ?
My wife and my boys .

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